Welcome, my name is Matt Gaidica. I am a student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at the University of Michigan.

I research Parkinson’s Disease in Leventhal Lab, employing tools like
microwire electrophysiology and optogenetics.
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Left, A History of the Hemispheres

Left, A History of the Hemispheres

In the late nineteenth century a mild-mannered surgeon from Paris fostered a discovery that spurred a revolution. It spat in the face of the Church, upturned decades of intuitions, and was a turning point in the history of brain science. The two sides of our brains are different.

Take a journey through time and meet our tool-making ancestors, the first-ever serial killers, and modern-day scientists who have all partaken in the story of our asymmetric brains. Find out what Hitler has to do with experimental psychology, why the Rosetta Stone is important to the split brain, and what everything from the Big Bang to amino acids say about being human.

Who were the first anatomists? Why are most of us right-handed? What asymmetries can be found in nature? Where does the mind live? Does each side of the brain believe in God?

Join Matt Gaidica on this cerebral adventure, answering these questions (and more!) in this dark, deep, and outrageously thought-provoking tale of our two sides.

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