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Items That You Can Personalise and Customise

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Personalised products can act as a special gift, unique home decorations, and a way to revive old stuff. Refer to the list below to see what products can be recreated to tailor to your preference.

  • Containers. Label your glass bottles according to their contents to avoid mixing products when refilling them. Specifying the product will help ease locating specific items, stored in containers.
  • Shoes. Look for plain canvas shoes when doing DIY designs, using this material makes it amenable for doodling on the cloth and painting. Another designing method is embroidery and stitching patches.
  • Walls. Make an empty corner of the room your accent wall by painting an artwork on its surface. You can do this by yourself or hire a graphic designer to help you create a design you like.
  • Clothes. T-shirt and hoodie printing is a way to spruce up plain clothes. You can print or paint them as a personal project. Sending them to the printing shop is a viable option when you don’t have the right equipment for designing garments.
  • Jewellery. Accessories come in many variations such as rings, bracelets, necklaces, and others. You can use beads and stretchable strings when working with kids, or wire and rhinestones when making jewellery for adults.
  • Key chains. You can create matching key chains to distribute to your friends or families as a souvenir or token of your relationship.
  • Notebooks. Label each notebook corresponding to the subject and make it easier to organise your stuff. You can also put your favourite character and statements to make it more personal.
  • Makeup. If you cannot find the perfect shade of makeup, some stores offer customisable makeup which is based on the customer’s colour preference, skin type and undertones to create a foundation or lipstick that suits them.
  • Scent. There are perfume making kits available that will help you create a signature scent on your own. Some shops also welcome patrons to customise fragrances. Going to a professional can be beneficial as they can give you key pointers regarding what scents complement each other when making a concoction.
  • Figurines. There are workshops teaching people how to make figurines and letting them design their finished product. You can apply for a workshop or try to attend one session to create a unique handcrafted home decoration.
  • Pillows. Don’t throw old pillowcases away because you can revamp them through printing digital images, hand paint designs, tie-dye, and more. You can also add buttons, ruffles, and zippers to customise and secure the pillow inside.
  • Stamps. Create immediate designs with stamps, make it better by customising each of them with your preferred design.
  • Candies. Candy factories accept design requests; some people use these as giveaways for special occasions while others preserve the treats as decorative items.
  • Candles. Look for waxes so that you can create the base of the candles. Source essential oils to infuse the wax with scent and beneficial factors by mixing specific ingredients like chamomile, lavender, and mint which help in relaxing the nerves.

You can start by personalising the products mentioned and later move on to other items available to revamp.